Hi All,

In the run up to the 1.0.0 release (coming soon!), we wanted to mention that a major improvment is in a flurry of small and large bug fixes implemented since 0.9.2.  Please find the longish list below, loosely grouped, and hopefully clear enough in their terse discriptions.  (Note, this does not include bugs created and fixed in pre-release builds, only stable to stable).  Thanks to all the folks who helped find the pesky devils in the first place!  We hope we got to some of your favorites.

General Performance/Stability
Random null values in large graph
Slow rendering graphics on first try
Performance decline with hover-over and click on random nodes in a big graph
Crash highlighting custom node input : Object reference not set to an instance of an object
Preview bubble Crash with Freeze
Crash clicking on custom nodes after modifying them
Dynamo Samples ‘SampleLibraryUI.dll’ gives error when loaded
Well formed dyn gives Annotation/Group console exception at load time
Crash when dyn file is run while Background preview is turned on
Long running process freezes UI
Crash when Preview Bubble displays the output of a function that returns a Display type
Crash after running Core_AttractorPoint.dyn sample ( due to background Preview ON)
Run Periodic is completely unstable in Studio
Open Files needs to be more robust in error/notification
First File Open fails silently
Hovering over a Preview Bubble in a Custom Node gives a crash
Open in Manual Execution Mode not working for some files
Win10 UAC turned off gives crash accessing web resources

Element.Geometry gives ‘operation failed’ with object in German model
Reopening and re-running a dyn that places adaptive components deletes all the adaptive components that were placed previously
Structural framing graph causes to throw recoverable exception
Reading incorrect time zone from Revit
Small curve causes Dynamo to crash when showing background 3D preview in Revit
Revit elements deleting (not modified) after opening and closing
Categories drop down fails for several categories
Revit/Category/Create/Category.ByName is busted
Selection of item from dropdown list in ‘FamilyTypes’ node is always reset to the first item

Package Manager
Downloaded package is empty
Unsupported DLL format does not generate a proper Package Manager error message
Crash when adding a file to update a package version
Do not include backup folders when uploading a package
Custom node file gives crash when published to Package Manager
Package installed does not go into the correct path in Dynamo when path is changed

Code Blocks
Function with default parameters returns null while calling it
Crash after creating CBN and accessing its preview second time
Modify the function definition does not reexecute graphs
Cannot create connection on a CBN after some operations like undo/redo or moving back from custom workspace

Crash when query the edge of Cone with only startRadius
Vector.AngleBetween node only reports values from 0 to 90
Fillet and Chamfer do not work on some curved edges
Fillet and Chamfer do not work on some translated solids
Curve.ParameterAtChordLength crash with distance = 0
Vector.AngleBetween (0-180) returns values 0-360
Dynamo crashes when switching between DYN files while manipulators are displayed
Not able to select point for manipulation when two points are overlapping
Unfreezing a Point after direct manipulation crashes Dynamo
Manipulators are not updated upon freeze and unfreeze of node
Point Geometry for a node created as ‘singlefunction’ object must not be displayed
Vector.AngleBetween does not support lists of vectors as input
Creating multiple arcs using StartPointEndPointTangent causes a hard crash
Curve action names are (divide, split, etc) confusing
Crash happens when preview for tiny geometries is turned on and off several times

Custom Nodes
Input node in Custom Workspace does not allow Semicolon as an input
CBN crashed when having two statements in one line.
Double click on freshly created custom node gives crash
Updating slider in Custom Node gives crash
Comments in output port of custom node doesn’t work if it has Class name instead of variable name
Notes are not copied to new custom nodes with other nodes
Copy pasted custom node doesn’t work

Translation (Import):
Significant performance decline importing polymesh model
Crash cycling through DWG file imports
When DWG file opened in ACAD, FileLoader gives warning which user can’t understand.
[CRASH] after changing DWG if user tries to add empty filter.
Improve warning messages from File Loader node

General User Experience
Update _SingleFunctionObject output text since it is unclear
Change In-Canvas Search text box to match Library text box
Cursor focus is not in search box on second consecutive right-click
Selected nodes are erroneously deleted when edit text in Search textbox
Multiple in-canvas searches should not appear simultaneously
Package Manager Add File should invoke a multi-select Windows dialog
Preview Bubble Collapses when pinned
Preview Bubble Pin state is not sticky
Watch nodes no longer show Label behavior
DateTime.Now node doesn’t work with periodic update
Nodes are sometimes behind their group
Mouse wheel scroll doesn’t work for the list displayed in In-Canvas search.
Watch node gets erroneously cleared in Manual mode
Single click on canvas doesn’t get the focus into library search.
When input disconnected display is not removed
Moving a node in an executing graph removes the Run status message
4-letter search terms like ‘cubes’ and ‘cones’ still return nothing in search
List.AddItemToEnd replicates incorrectly over lists