The Dynamo Customizer Beta is now available in daily builds!    This new tool allows you to publish Dynamo scripts to the web and allows others to interact with them via a  stripped down user interface consisting simply of allowable inputs. Any changes to inputs on the web are sent to a version of Dynamo running as a web service which calculates the changes and returns geometry.  For example, you can publish this Dynamo script:
as this on the web:
Try out this Customizer here!   (Autodesk Login and a browser with WebGL required)
Or try this Customizer 
To apply for the Customizer Beta:
  1. Download the latest daily build
  2. Start Revit and login with your Autodesk ID
  3. Start Dynamo for Revit
  4. File menu> Sign up for Customizer Beta
  5. Wait to be approved for the Beta

To use the Customizer Beta: 

  1. Make sure you are signed into Revit when you are using Dynamo
  2. Prepare script with allowed inputs (numbers, number sliders, strings, and booleans)
  3. Label inputs by double clicking on the node name to edit it.
  4. Turn off “Is Input” parameter via the context menu on any inputs that you don’t want to show up in the customizer.
  5. File menu> Publish Customizer
  6. File menu > Manage Customizers to visit or edit name or details or share a link.
Known limitations:
  1. Code block nodes cannot be used as inputs (you can use code block nodes in scripts, just give them variables and relevant inputs)
  2. File open or save nodes are not allowed
  3. No external data sources
  4. No Revit nodes
  5. No Python nodes
  6. Changes to the Customizer on the web cannot be saved
  7. Once published a Customizer cannot be edited or overwritten

Fine Print:  This is a Beta!  Your data could be lost or corrupted at any time during the beta.  Your data could also be exposed to other users during the beta period.

Please Share!
What can you do with the customizer?  What would you like to be able to do?  Please share links to your Customizers and tell us your thoughts in the comments of this post and let us know if you would like to talk in more detail and we can set up a time to discuss.