Hi All,

We found 2 nasty bugs in Dynamo 0.9.1 which we thought deserved their own special build to correct.  The Dynamo team has made a quick and focused effort to make 2 specific fixes.




The first was a crash bug in the new Preview bubble behavior. For long-running operations we found that it was pretty easy to get in a state where Dynamo wanted to create a preview bubble with no data in it yet, and the application would crash.  Apologies for letting this one out, but you should find much better behavior now with 0.9.2.

The second was an upgrade issue in some cases from previous versions of Dynamo Studio that removed the interface to upload Dynamo files to the web for sharing.  While there was a workaround for this by doing a clean uninstall and re-install, we wanted to make sure that new and returning Dynamo Studio users could get access to these tools.




Both of these issues have been addressed in the 0.9.2 builds, and we encourage everyone to make the incremental upgrade to this version.

The Dynamo Team.