Dynamo Developer Resources

Dynamo hosts a thriving ecosystem for Development. This page takes you down the rabbit hole of all of the tools available for customizing your Dynamo experience. From top-to-bottom, we’ll start with the ‘out-of-the-box’ options and go deeper as we progress down the page.


Out-of-the-Box Nodes

Core Library

Dynamo offers a host of core nodes that you can use to make most of your graphs. For getting an in-depth look at the Dynamo Library, check out the Dynamo Dictionary. For a thorough review of what Dynamo can do for you, have a look at the Dynamo Primer.

Dynamo Primer Dynamo Dictionary Dynamo Blog

Code Block

One of our proudest features in Dynamo is the code block. Be sure to familiarize yourself with this tool, as it streamlines a lot of workflows and is all around fun to use! The Code Block is built off the Design Script language, and more information can be found in the resources below.

Intro to Code Block DesignScript Guide DesignScript Doc


Another powerful tool in Dynamo is the Python scripting block. With this component, you can easily incorporate external libraries directly into your graph. Processes like loops and recursion are a snap with the Python node.

Python in Dynamo

Third-Party Libraries

Third Party Libraries

Third-Party Libraries

Dynamo is a platform built with flexibility in mind. Users can develop their own nodes when out-of-the-box options aren’t enough. The Dynamo Package Manager is a portal where an ever-growing community of visual programmers, designers, and hackers alike can publish collections of nodes (also known as packages). You can browse through the different package types and sort by popularity, release, activity, etc. See the links below to find packages to install in Dynamo.

Dynamo Package Manager Installing Packages

Node and Package Development

Node Development

Making your own

You’re a developer. How do you make your own package? In summary there are two paths to take for your package development: with custom nodes or with C#/Zero-Touch. To get started, you can read through the introductory sections in the links below.

Develop Custom Nodes Develop Custom Packages

Customizing with Dynamo

Dynamo users can make their own nodes and packages without the need to use text-based coding! Have a look at the resources below to learn how to get started.

Create Custom Nodes Create Custom Code Blocks with DesignScript Review the DesignScript Documentation

Customizing with C# with Visual Studio - Zero-Touch

This is a more advanced development path but the process is straightforward. Have a look at the resources below if you’re comfortable working in Visual Studio.

Learn about the Dynamo C# API Get started with Zero-Touch Importing Create Entirely Custom C# Nodes Create Packages with Visual Studio DynamoSamples: Examples of How to Make Dynamo Libraries

Publishing Your Work

Publishing your work

Publish a Package

If you’ve made an awesome package and want to share with the community, ship it out! The process is simple and can be followed in the resources below.

Publishing a Package Example Packages Dynamo Package Manager


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