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Vasari Wind Analysis Tool – What is under the bonnet…?

Hi All, I understand that Vasari as a design tool is more geared towards early stages of design and therefore not to be taken too seriously however I am curious to know which calculation method is used, RANS, DES, LES etc... for the CFD type wind analysis?  Other forum posts seem to lead to the same DOE-2 calculation engine response however I bel

Pt 2: Higher order functions, or using our custom node over multiple lists

What if we want to use our UpdateParameterAndSaveImage custom node to update a series of family instances, not just one? I am going to show two methods for accomplishing this in dynamo. We'll first have to make a few quick changes to our custom node function. Since the idea is to set a series of family instances to a series of values and take a scr

A crane serious game with Revit and Dynamo

Hi, check out this post with a detailed tutorial about crane capacity check. Step by step How to and pdf.

Part 1:Changing a Family Instance and Saving an Image

This is step one in my process of creating an iterative Daylighting analysis workflow using Dynamo and Rendering as a Service. To execute a series of studies, we need to detect the state of the model and change the state of the model. For changing the state, one of the first functions we need to build is a mechanism for changing a family instance p

Rendering As a Service and Daylighting Optimization with Dynamo

Hi, I'm Michael Kirschner, I'll be interning at Autodesk's Conceptual Design Group for the month of January.  Specifically I will be working with Dynamo, a visual programming language(more info here) within the Revit context.  I'm going to be posting different projects to this blog as I work throughout the month. My primary project while at Auto