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Units in 0.6.3

Dynamo 0.6.3 now includes units—lengths, areas, and volumes—in addition to the more traditional, naked numbers.  Here's what you need to know. Dynamo units vs. Revit units Some Revit users may know that Revit's internal units are imperial.  Revit was originally developed in the United States, where we are still quite fond of our feet,

Floral Street Bridge in Dynamo

Having developed in the Revit API for several years now and hearing a lot recently about Dynamo (like at last year's AU), I thought I'd take an opportunity to dive into it. For some time I was involved in creating tutorials for users of Digital Project so I thought I would return to an example from that world. A friend who was here at Gehry Tec

Solving a Spatial Problem with Dynamo: The Torggler Door

Earlier this year, an artist's new model for a door became wildly popular on social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook.  And rightfully so--it's pretty cool.  And I want one in my apartment!  It looks so simple, but it might not be immediately obvious how to wrap your head around how it works.  The artist's name is Klemens Torggler.  He'

Two Answers for “Why Dynamo?”

In response to a number of questions posed to us recently, we wrote a post offering two answers for "Why should I bring Dynamo into my practice?" Here's our perspective.