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Two Answers for “Why Dynamo?”

In response to a number of questions posed to us recently, we wrote a post offering two answers for "Why should I bring Dynamo into my practice?" Here's our perspective.

Dynamo + Python + Revit = Success

I want to share here posts from my blog about using Python nodes in Dynamo. This could have been achieved with a Revit API code, but it would have been less funny... Thanks again to Andreas and Michael for the help provided. Main goal: get links from the active project and collect information from the linked elements to be used in the pr

Pt 5: Brute Forcing Daylighting Parameters – Design Options

  See part 4 here   Now that we have seen the necessary setup to perform and parse a single render using the cloud rendering service in the last blog posts, we can start queuing multiple renderings of a Revit model as we alter parameters on it.   This graph and the custom nodes necessary to make this graph run will be hoste

Pt 4: Recursive Hill Climbing Optimization in Dynamo

See part 3 here See part 5 here One workflow that is a bit tricky to get started with in Dynamo is iterating on the output of a function with the same function.  We could stack a chain of these nodes together ( I'm using the term function and node interchangeably here) feeding the output from one node into the input of another. &