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Linear Algebra Test.

Remember 10th grade algebra where you learned about vectors and matrices? Remember memorizing the rules for matrix multiplication? You don't?! Well, that's good, because neither do I. I vaguely recall having these things presented to me whilst thinking "none of this matters, I'm going to art school." Like me, you might have pondered many years lat

Beware the Honey Badger

I added a couple of nodes this evening (available only in the source) that assist in the processing of image files. The image file reader node takes a file path as an input and some X and Y division values, returning an array of Color objects corresponding to the sample points in the image in X and Y. The color brightness node can then be used to d

Dynamo – New Video – Relaxation Part Deux

  Here is a quick video of what we have going right now, more background info in the previous post. Note this is the development branch and there is not an installer to access this yet.   -matt

Dynamo – Holiday Relaxation Aid!

Hi All, Just a quick update before more holiday visiting tonight. As I mentioned in our last post, this is a week off at the factory. This gives us time to catch up with friends and family, eat a lot, travel, go to parties, and sometimes late at night (or early in the morning), it gives us time to hack on fun projects. I found a new holiday relax

Dynamo – Caution: Elves at Work!

Happy Holidays all, The Factory is closed this week for the holidays. One thing that usually means is that in addition to normal holiday family visiting and merriment we have a little time to take a deep breath, collect our thoughts and think about doing something creative (i.e. hacking!). Note there is a long tradition of holiday hacks at autode