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DesignScript is now Dynamo

  Six years ago, Robert Aish embarked on an ambitious project to create a new programming language written from the ground up for architects, designers, and structural engineers. In the subsequent years, the DesignScript team developed numerous innovative technologies, a concise scripting language, and advanced replication features.  

Analysis Workshops, Next 2 Weeks

Here on the Dynamo team, we have been working hard lately to bring together recent work in solar analysis, energy analysis, and optimization workflows in Dynamo. And we'll get to show it off twice in the next two weeks, at ACADIA 2014 in Los Angeles, and at Facades+ in Dallas. Our workshop in L.A. is officially sold out, but we were just told t

Linking Analytical Nodes with Structural Elements

A colleague of mine in the structural team approached me with a problem he’s been having in Revit and explained his workflow. Currently the analytical nodes found in elements such as beams, braces and columns produce little data and information readily available for scheduling or extraction from Revit. This means that information is usually take

Dynamo 0.7.2 and Revit Sundial

It's exciting times out here in Dynamo-land, lots of work on the guts of the machine and finishing off some back-office refactoring that will allow for faster/more stable growth.  But the really big news is we've gone out into a much larger world.  For those of you on Revit's subscription program, you may have already received the latest upda

RGB Transform

Red for the X axis, green for the Y axis and blue for the Z axis. Like many other software with 3D environments, Dynamo uses the known order of basic colors to help to differentiate the axes of the coordinate systems. In my previous post “Intersecting rails”, it was implicit the potential of Dynamo to automatically replicate and reposit