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Speakers Announced for the 2016 Design Computation Symposium

We are proud to announce the speakers for this year’s Design Computation Symposium at Autodesk University.  Now in its eighth year, the Design Computation Symposium is one of the premier events at Autodesk University.  This year we are broadening the reach of the half-day symposium with the theme: “Ubiquitous Computing: How Computing Is Being

Introducing List@Level: Working with Lists Made Easier

In Dynamo 1.2, we have introduced “List@Level”, a feature that allows you to directly select which level of list you want to work with right at the input port of the node. This feature allows you to access the levels of your list quickly and easily.   UI Basics: Anatomy of List@Level “I just want to access this level of th

Dynamo 1.2 Release

Autumn is upon us, and we have lots of new functionality in Dynamo 1.2, as well as significant improvements to stability and performance.  Some of the most apparent changes are additional tools we have added to enhance list manipulation workflows, and a large number of new Revit functionalities for Annotation and other areas.  Download the new D

A High Level Introduction to T-Splines in Dynamo

Lots of questions have come in over the forum, twitter, and other channels about the T-splines functionality that we slipped into the Experimental section in 1.1.  While this is not a comprehensive description of the capabilities, we'd like to give a little more information on what this functionality is about, how you can use it, and where it'

SFDUG First Year Anniversary

Projector, microphone, webex, recording, intercom… the mental checklist runs quick just in time for the 6:00pm presentation of another monthly session of the San Francisco Dynamo User Group (SFDUG), a community of computational design enthusiast from the Bay Area that meets the third evening of every month to discuss topics about Dynamo and comp