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eCAADe 2018 – Abstract Submission Deadline

eCAADe 2018 - Computing for a Better Tomorrow eCAADe invites academicians, researchers, professionals and students to address the multifaceted notions of using computing in architectural practice for developing a better tomorrow. Approaches discussing the theme from the perspective of computer aided design education; design processes and method

AU London – Class Submission Deadline

Contribute to Autodesk University (AU) and join the leading community of Autodesk experts who are shaping industries and pushing design and engineering software to its limits. As a member of our expert community, you’ll partner with AU to offer thought leadership, outstanding training classes, case studies, exhibits, and rich learning opportuniti

BILT Europe – Class Submission Deadline

BILT Europe is seeking abstracts from Individuals interested in speaking at BILT Europe 2018. Note that this current call for Abstracts is for the Europe Event only. If you have already submitted an Abstract to BILT ANZ, NA or ASIA your free to submit the same or a new Abstract for this Event olso --> Submit Class: https://www.eiseverywhere

Dynamo Users Group Copenhagen

The next DUGCPH meeting will be held at TRUST, Nørrebrogade 45C, 3. sal. Mike Coombe and Rene Ginnerup Seidenfaden-Lassen from Niras will show off some of their work with Data Shapes and Søren Villadsen from Søren Jensen will show off some of his work with computational design.  After their presentations the table will be open to discus your D

A Dynamo Christmas (Bring a Gift, Get a Gift)

More details to follow on ------ Join us for a Dynamo Christmas.  What is a Dynamo Christmas?  Great question. Each person will get a few minutes to share about something they are bringing to the group.  Need ideas?  Think of something simple.  One aspect, like working with Color.  Explore it, put together a few n