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Incoming Bug fixes for Dynamo 1.0.0

Hi All, In the run up to the 1.0.0 release (coming soon!), we wanted to mention that a major improvment is in a flurry of small and large bug fixes implemented since 0.9.2.  Please find the longish list below, loosely grouped, and hopefully clear enough in their terse discriptions.  (Note, this does not include bugs created and fixed in pre-

Leveraging Built In Revit Parameters for Structural Engineers with Dynamo

Recently, I was explaining how the Graphical Column schedule for Revit was never intended to be placed on a sheet. From what I have read, the Graphical Column Schedule was only intended to be used for coordination. However, using some Shared Parameters for the Structural Columns, one can start developing. Typically on industrial-type projects I

Dynamo 0.9.2 hot fix

Hi All, We found 2 nasty bugs in Dynamo 0.9.1 which we thought deserved their own special build to correct.  The Dynamo team has made a quick and focused effort to make 2 specific fixes.     The first was a crash bug in the new Preview bubble behavior. For long-running operations we found that it was pretty easy to get in a

Happy π Day

After last year's once-in-a-lifetime π Day (3/14/15 according to the odd U.S. convention for writing dates), this year could seem a bit of a letdown to American math nerds. But for those of us who prefer rounding to truncation, 3/14/16 is still something to celebrate. And I, for one, am willing to settle for this year's 5-significant-figure π

A World of User Groups

The outbreak is spreading. I wrote a post a few weeks ago that featured the then four Dynamo User Groups that I knew of. Now suddenly there are a lot more, and there is probably one near you. If you have had trouble keeping track of what is going on where, you are not alone. In this post, I mean to collect a lot of information about these com

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