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Leveraging Built In Revit Parameters for Structural Engineers with Dynamo

Recently, I was explaining how the Graphical Column schedule for Revit was never intended to be placed on a sheet. From what I have read, the Graphical Column Schedule was only intended to be used for coordination. However, using some Shared Parameters for the Structural Columns, one can start developing. Typically on industrial-type projects I

Dynamo 0.9.2 hot fix

Hi All, We found 2 nasty bugs in Dynamo 0.9.1 which we thought deserved their own special build to correct.  The Dynamo team has made a quick and focused effort to make 2 specific fixes.     The first was a crash bug in the new Preview bubble behavior. For long-running operations we found that it was pretty easy to get in a

Happy π Day

After last year's once-in-a-lifetime π Day (3/14/15 according to the odd U.S. convention for writing dates), this year could seem a bit of a letdown to American math nerds. But for those of us who prefer rounding to truncation, 3/14/16 is still something to celebrate. And I, for one, am willing to settle for this year's 5-significant-figure π

A World of User Groups

The outbreak is spreading. I wrote a post a few weeks ago that featured the then four Dynamo User Groups that I knew of. Now suddenly there are a lot more, and there is probably one near you. If you have had trouble keeping track of what is going on where, you are not alone. In this post, I mean to collect a lot of information about these com

DWG Import in Dynamo Studio 0.9.1

I work with very smart people on a daily basis. That's a given, because I work on the Dynamo team. Also as an added incentive of my job, when people do deliver cool stuff, I get to write about it. Like, last week, when we delivered Dynamo Studio 0.9.1 to the world. Release 0.9.1 is huge, literally. The installer size grew twice as big compared t

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