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2017 Dynamo User Group Computation Design Workshop (Sydney)

Join us for the 2017 Dynamo User Group Computational Design Workshop. The workshop will allow you to learn to combine computational design and BIM with Dynamo visual programming. If you have experience in Revit and Dynamo and want to take your Dynamo skills to the next level or you want to just get started, this workshop is for you. W

ChiNamo November Meeting – The Chicago Dynamo Community

Generative Design with Project Fractal  Presenter: Anthony Hauck, Autodesk Project Fractal is a cloud computational design solution that leverages Autodesk’s Dynamo Studio to capture project goals, constraints, and building expertise to produce design options for exploration and elaboration. Created from key Autodesk technologies, Project

Tel Aviv Dynamo user group | TLVDUG#2

Join us for our second TLVDUG meetup. (in Hebrew ) The meetup is open to users of all levels, those who wish to learn - and those who wish to share their knowledge. This session will include a hands-on section, if you wish to follow please bring a laptop with dynamo+Revit installed. Please register at If you wish t

China University of Technology Dynamo Workshop – Beginner & Advanced (Day 4)

China University of Technology Dynamo  Workshop – Beginner & Advanced (Day 4) 中國科技大學 Dynamo 研討會-基礎與進階 (第四天) Speaker: Layton Lo Description: Architectural design and practice with Dynamo visual programming. We’ll use Dynamo to drive a Revit document and inter-operate with other applications, data so

Love is in the … Dynamo?

"I think engagements are an opportunity to be really creative." -My fiancee So you've found the love of your life, and you're ready to pop the question, what now? Well, if they have issued the challenge above, then you better get creating! My girlfriend posed this challenge almost a year ago, and I'm happy to say, that with the help of Dynamo