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Dynamo Studio 2017.4 Update

We have some good news: Dynamo Studio subscribers are eligible and can now download and install Dynamo Studio 2017.4 Update from the Autodesk Desktop App! This update bundle will upgrade both Dynamo Studio 2017.3 application and the related Dynamo Core component that are already installed on your machine into the latest version. It is recommende

Look it up…Check out the new Dynamo Dictionary

Just wanted to drop a quick line about our latest help resource...For the past few months, we have been working with Mode Lab to build the Dynamo Dictionary! And we are pretty excited about it! The Dynamo Dictionary is a site that you can visit to learn more about each specific node in Dynamo. The Dictionary expands beyond the node documentat

MeshToolkit 1.2.0 Release

Background If this is your first time checking out the MeshToolkit jump over to Part 1. As promised this is the second update further expanding mesh functionality within the Dynamo environment. You can grab the latest version of the package on the Dynamo package manger now! This update focuses on mesh creation, visualization, and topological queri

5 Things to Expect at the AU2016 Design Computation Symposium

Are you a designer, architect or engineer interested in design computation?  Are you interested in the  future of design?  Then the Design Computation Symposium on Wednesday, November 16 1-4:30pm  is a do-not-miss event. In one afternoon, you will hear fascinating stories from inventors, entrepreneurs, architects and academics about

Webinar: Winning with Dynamo

On Tue, Oct 18, 2016 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM CEST, Dieter Vermeulen, Technical Sales Specialist AEC at Autodesk, will host a webinar in which he will show you how Dynamo can help improve designer workflows in any discipline of the AEC world. Attend this webinar to: Understand the power of Computational Design in daily project challenges L