By: Racel Williams

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Look it up…Check out the new Dynamo Dictionary

Just wanted to drop a quick line about our latest help resource...For the past few months, we have been working with Mode Lab to build the Dynamo Dictionary! And we are pretty excited about it! The Dynamo Dictionary is a site that you can visit to learn more about each specific node in Dynamo. The Dictionary expands beyond the node documentat

Introducing List@Level: Working with Lists Made Easier

In Dynamo 1.2, we have introduced “List@Level”, a feature that allows you to directly select which level of list you want to work with right at the input port of the node. This feature allows you to access the levels of your list quickly and easily.   UI Basics: Anatomy of List@Level “I just want to access this level of th

Dynamo Primer v1.0 Update and New Languages

  With the release of Dynamo v1.1, we are also happy to announce an update to the Dynamo Primer! We have added more documentation about custom nodes and other new features like the Dynamo Web Experience. Additionally, the Primer is now offered in 3 languages: English, Japanese, and German. Below is what has been updated in the Primer

Multilingual Dynamo

As mentioned in our recent 0.8.2 post, Dynamo has now been localized to twelve languages, the same languages supported by Revit. If you are using Dynamo for Revit, Dynamo will automatically match the Revit localization. (Unfortunately, Dynamo Studio is not localized at this time.) But, what if you want to use Dynamo standalone (aka Sandbox) in

Ready, Set, Dynamo… 0.8.2

Summer is coming to an end (in the northern hemisphere), but have no fear! We have been working hard all summer to help you get Fall off to a great start. We just released 0.8.2, and we just reached 100,000 Dynamo package downloads! We are proud to announce some exciting new features that will certainly make it faster and easier for you to create s